FRC-Kingdom Builders

It all started when...


FRC-Kingdom Builders all began when we were asked to take what we had learned and begin to share it in order to help others.  We met with success and haven't stopped since!

Our story is the story of two lives being developed by God eventually coming together to form a beautiful united one. 

As a young woman, Diane struggled in a marriage that was unequally yoked.  During this time she sought the Lord and began to develop her faith.  For 22-years God led her through the desert of dysfunction and worked with her, developing her understanding of unconditional love and the importance of allowing God to strengthen the areas in her foundation that needed to be corrected in order to build a strong house (marriage/life). 

As a young man, Herb also struggled in a marriage that needed transformation by God in each life.  He learned the importance of his role as a husband and how to love unconditionally.  He was challenged to master forgiveness and to teach his children the same.

After both Herb and Diane experienced the pain of separation, eventually divorce, and how to forgive completely.  They were reintroduced to each other in 2003 and while living in separate states had a perfect opportunity to really get to know each other through dialogue over the phone and to experience the amazing experience of courtship.  They were married 7 months after they met and lived in Missouri for the first 12 years of their marriage. Herb worked with Church on the Rock International, overseeing and pastoring a church plant in Butler, Missouri and working with Heartland Hospice as Spiritual Care and Bereavement Coordinator.   Diane held several positions within the community, building relationship and teaching the body of Christ faith.  She also worked with the women holding Restoration For Women, a class teaching women how to stand in faith for their marriages. 

In 2014 the Lord shifted their ministry to begin to offer End Time Events Watchmen, a Face Book page that provides current events and how they pertain to biblical end time prophecy as well as teaching regarding the Feasts of YHWH. At this time, the Lord also expanded Family Restoration Center to FRC-Kingdom Builders.  Through a weekly radio program, Herb and Diane covered the region with the message of the good news of God's Kingdom.

In 2016 the couple relocated to Battle Creek, Michigan in response to the Holy Spirit's leading to be involved with the care of their parents and Herb's 99-year old grandmother.  They continue to hold speak, write and be video creators, expanding to a greater social media presence.  This has enabled FRC-Kingdom Builders to go international while remaining faithful to the call to care for their parents.